Mitch Albom – 7 Unknown Inspiring facts, 6th will amaze you


I have often pondered over, what if I knew when I was going to die or had an appraisement of the time, I would be alive. What if I knew I had little time left with the people I love. Will it be a blessing or an affliction?

Many a time, I have enumerated and timetabled various things I would start doing in case I knew I had little time left. I have even asked my friends amid distinct conversations, what would top their priority in this scenario.

Predominantly and habitually, ensuring that our loved ones would move on and stay happy is the first thing that instinctively comes to mind. After that, the most common answer I got brought me to the conclusion that people tend to enjoy their last days and experience the things they have always wanted to.

But for me relieving and being closer to the beautiful memories I had lived through was most important. I will visit the places I had spent a considerable amount of my life in and which have made me the person I am. I will meet those people who despite not being in touch hold a special place in my heart. I will try to relive and recall all that life has given me. However, no matter what one plans, nobody at all knows what life beholds.

This blog features Mitch Albom, a writer, whose works made me postulate that life and death are conjoined, both affect each other. The quote, “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live” from ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ exhibits this best.

The first book by Albom, which I read was ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven’ it took me into deep contemplation, it was unlike anything I had read before. Albom’s line of thought amazed me. The protagonist in the story meets five people on his journey to heaven after death. He realizes how his entire life has been affected by those people and theirs by him. They all make him perceive his actions, which have possessed him throughout his life, and eventually come at peace.

All of Mitch Albom’s books deal with the philosophy of life and death, yet each of his work is unique in itself. They have immensely enlightened me and made me look at life more platonically. Here, I am enlisting some amazing and unknown facts from Mitch Albom’s life which have equally endued me just like his books.


  • Originally named Mitchell David Albom, he started his writing career with Queens Tribune, a weekly newspaper in Flushing, New York.


  • After completing his graduation from Colombia University, in the field of journalism, Mitch Albom started freelancing as a sports writer and covered several Olympic sports events in Europe. In 1985, he won Associated Press Sports Editors Award for Best Sports News Story, and was hired as lead sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press, the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan.


  • After watching his sociology professor Morrie Schwartz’s appear on the television show Nightline (WATCH HERE), Mitch Albom was tempted to visit him in Massachusetts. He started visiting Schwartz every week, on Tuesdays. Albom’s debut novel, Tuesdays With Morrie is based on the conversations he had with his professor on life, during these visits. The book has also been adapted for a television series and a movie.


  • Tuesdays With Morrie was a struggle to publish, as most of the publishers had rejected it. But after the show was aired, the book was sold out in America. There was no looking back for Albom after that.


  • Most of Mitch Albom’s books don’t exceed the page count of 260.


  • Mitch Albom works with such credence that, to bring the central character, Frankie Presto alive for the readers, he collaborated with prominent artists Tony Bennett, Darlene Love, KISS band, The Byrds, and Lyle Lovett to create their personal stories with Frankie. They also worked together to create the album.


  • Finding Chika took me through enlightening conversations between Mitch Albom and Chika, who became a family for him, as Albom and his wife took care of her and travelled around the world to find a cure for her inoperable tumor.

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