Unknown Indian Mythology Stories

LOPAMUDRA- Indian Mythology Story

It was a beautiful day outside, the chilly winters had gone for around a week now, spring was to start.

Lopamudra was siting on the porch outside her small cottage wandering her eyes at the trees and the birds, the proximity of nature which surrounded her. Her gaze fell on her husband, meditating at a distance, the great rishi Agastya. She kept staring at him, her beautiful face resting in his direction, and the longing and desire which she tried to hide everyday were back in her eyes.

It had been six months now since her father, the king of Vidharbha had given her in marriage to the rishi. She had been reluctant at first, when she came to know about her father’s decision of marrying her to a rishi.

“But father, how could a princess marry someone who has devoted his life to solitary? I have been born and raised in riches and now you want me to become a hermitess.” She had reasoned with her father, the king, tears had unknowingly welled up in her eyes.

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