Unknown Indian Mythology Stories

“I have always avoided you, whenever you asked me the meaning of your name”, the king continued after completing the story. “You were named Lopamudra because you were created by the loss of mudras, it means the loss of perfect traits other living things had to bear to create you. To create a perfect wife for rishi Agastya.”

“The palm tree gave you its slenderness, haven’t you wondered how you fill a room with fresh fragrance, they come from plumeria flowers. The deer gave you, your beautiful eyes. Your softness comes from the feathers of swan and your gracefulness from the panther.”

“I was childless and praying in the forest for a child, god answered my prayers. Rishi gave you to me so that I can raise you as my child.”

Lopamudra was speechless, she agreed to the marriage. Her desires, her happiness had seemed worthless to her. But the day she got married, she accepted her fate wholeheartedly and love for her husband had crept in her heart.

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