Unknown Indian Mythology Stories

Rishi Agastya started searching for a wife for himself. Although he was greatest of all the rishis and respected by all of mankind, no king was ready to marry his daughter to him, as no father would want a life of destitution for his daughter. The rishi kanyas which were very few had also oathed themselves to celibacy and those who hadn’t, Agastya didn’t find them suitable for himself. The promise he had made to his ancestors kept pestering him.

Frustrated one day, the rishi went deep into a forest. He halted on reaching the spot where a bluff of palm trees stood tall, surrounded by the bushes of plumeria flower. He inspected the surroundings for a few seconds, when satisfied he took out few drops of water from the teracotta pot he always carried with him. He closed his eyes and started to chant, holding the water from the pot in his palm close to his chest.

He dropped the water slowly taking his hands up in the air as if making an offering. Suddenly a deer emerged from the bushes, then followed a panther and a swan white as snow, fluttering her wings settled on a tree stump nearby. A content calm smile played on his lips. He again took out water from the pot and repeated the process with his eyes closed, the echoes of his chant making a ripple in the tranquility around.

When the sound of his chants died down, the cries of a baby took over the silence of the forest, and the rishi opened his eyes. The child came to be known as Lopamudra.

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