Unknown Indian Mythology Stories

“I am sorry my beloved daughter, every father wants his daughter to always live like a princess. But you are not mine to keep. I am bound by promise”, the king replied. ” You have been created by the great rishi Agastya himself, with the sole purpose of becoming his wife.”

“What do you mean by that?” Lopamudra was bewildered.

King was at a loss of words, he looked hesitantly at his daughter, though she was not naturally born to him he had never thought less of her. In fact he had always deemed himself to be blessed and fortunate that rishi Agastya had considered him worthy enough to raise Lopamudra.

Would it have been easier for her, if he had told her the truth much earlier? But would she have been able to live a normal carefree happy life if she had known the truth all along? The sides of his conflicted mind were arguing. He had to tell her now. And, that is when Lopamudra came to know the story of her creation.

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